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Top 4 Interesting Facts About Hair Dreadlocks

Top 4 Interesting Facts About Hair Dreadlocks  

What You Need to Know about Dreadlocks

Hair dreadlocks have come as a bold fashion statement for over the years. While all of us might not be fans of hair dreadlocks, some people have considered this hairstyling statement a representation of their personality, culture and their life perceptions. The low maintenance costs of hair dreadlocks have also made way to its popularity. Hair frizziness and dryness are not the cosmetic details that you have to worry about when opting for hair dreadlocks. Are you planning to get your own dreadlocks anytime soon? Before you start twisting and braiding your hair into dreadlocks, here are some interesting facts that you need to know about the unique hairstyle.

  1. Dreadlocks need to be washed just like undreaded hair. Contrary to what you hear in rumors, dreadlocks do need to be washed regularly otherwise your hair will stink. It is not true that hair must be dirty to dread. In fact, clean hair locks up faster than dirty and oily hair.

  1. You can get hair dreadlocks by just letting your hair uncombed for a long period of time. This is called the “neglect method” or natural hair dreading. This mostly applies to African-textured hair. Left-alone for a long period of time, the hair will eventually dread. However, the results can be very messy.

  1. You need not shave your head if you no longer want dreads. Shaving your head to get rid of dreads is just an overrated fact. Well, you can actually leave a few inches of your hair when cutting your dreads. For women, short hair would be a whole lot better to look at than a totally shaved head.

Hair dreading is a complex and detailed process. You need qualified professionals or hairstylists that would help you keep your strong and healthy hair. Get the best hair dreadlocks at our hair salon in West Palm Beach, FL. Anise Beauty Salon has been highly patronized all over the area for amazing works in hair dreading. Get to know more about us by visiting us personally in the area or giving us a call at (561) 598-4603.

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