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Perfect Hair Extensions for You

Are your contemplating getting some hair extensions for an event that you are about to attend? You might have doubts about this because you can still clearly remember the ghastly images of celebrity hair extensions going very bad. From unsightly updos that clearly show where the extension was attached to extensions that do not match the natural hair color, you definitely have something to think about. But this would not happen to you if you asked Anise Beauty Salon to apply your hair extensions. We perform every single job very seriously so that you will look your best at every angle. Our ability to consistently deliver excellent condition has given us a spot as one of the leaders of the hair styling industry in West Palm Beach, FL.

We offer several options for hair extensions. Before we recommend which one will best suit your needs, we would need to understand your lifestyle better. If you have your hair color changed on a regular basis, we would highly advise choosing the tape extension. This hair extension is held in place by a strong tape that is indistinguishable even if you touch it. We would start this particular hair extension job by washing your hair because clean hair allows the tape to adhere better. After drying your hair, we would part your hair across your scalp. When we do this, we must make sure that it is perfectly secured so that not a single strand will fall while we work on the hair extension.

If you are often exposed to high temperature or perhaps you are fond of hot yoga, then we highly endorse using keratin hair extensions. This type of hair extension can only be applied to those whose hair is at least five inches long. We would make preparation rows which means that we will select a thin strand of hair and insert it inside a template circle. This step has to be done because it will protect your scalp.

Anise Beauty Salon has been offering their hair care services for two decades. We have been able to do this because we commit ourselves to make the people of West Palm Beach, FL beautiful. So what are you waiting for? Call us now at (561) 598-4603 to set an appointment!

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