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A Hairdo For A Queen!

A Hairdo For A Queen!  

Common Types of Hair Extensions

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Every woman is willing to do everything for her hair just to look fabulous. However, there are girls are not too lucky to have long shiny hair. Luckily, hair extensions come to the rescue. Here are the most conventional types of extensions available today.

Clip-in Extensions.

The most temporary type of hair extensions is clip-in extensions. It is very convenient to use if you want to have fresh look for a party or a function. You just need to clip it and you are all set with your brand new hair. The best thing about this kind of extensions is that they can place in any part of your head and available in all variety of style, color, and texture.So, it makes them the best option for a short time use.

Tape-in Extensions.

The most common extensions that are currently in use are tape-ins. You don’t need to spend much time for it to be installed and very low maintenance. With the use of heat, these hair tapes are glued to your original hair. These type of extensions can last for many months or even a year with proper care.

Weft Extensions.

Hair weft extensions are long lasting extensions that can be applied to your hair by clipping, stitching or even gluing in.

Micro-link Extensions.

Also called as micro-bead extensions, these type of hair extensions can last for a couple of months because a metal bead is used to connect it to your hair. You can easily move the beads in your head since the extensions are aligned through your natural hair. Avoid using conditioner near the beads to extend the lifespan of your micro-link extensions.

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